Welcome to ToyFusion.com!

Our website will focus on toys, comics, art, sports, music and Pop culture! We have a retail storefront at: 1908 EL Camino Ave in Sacramento Ca. (Home of the original Toy Alley, an iconic place for Sacramento residents).

We Buy Toys and Movie Props! We are looking for select vintage toys from the 70's-80's. We buy/sell/trade. Feel free to contact us or send us a list of what you have.

Toy Fusion Storefront Info storefront address is: 1908 El Camino Ave, Sacramento Ca 95815. Our "storefront" phone number (916) 565-2546

ToyFusion Website Info e-mail: store@toyfusion.com  for any questions regarding online orders.

What is ToyWorth? More info on this new website soon!

Next Sac-Con Event is March 12-13 2015. Sac-Con "Sacramento's Largest Comic/Toy Show" (Click Here for info)

Next Summer Sac Anime Show is coming soon.

We will be at the 2015 Comic-Con event! 

Toy Fusion will be at the 2015 Joecon

  More info soon.

Toy Fusion's Comic Retail Website "coming soon"


Click Here for Botcon 2008 Photos and Review


Wonder where are cool places to shop for comics and toys this Holiday Season? Toy Fusion will be creating a business directory of the best Collectible, Games, and Comic shops in the greater Sacramento area. To be posted soon!

A Toy Fusion Site Map is in the works

 We apologize for the inconvenience,
Toy Fusion will be closed today on Saturday Feb 27th.

* We will resume regular store hours from March 1-5th, with an in-store sale of 20% off most items (marked dealer #2). After March 12th, we will be closing our store at this location. More details posted soon.

Due to a new landlord and building rennovations,
we will be closing our storefront on
Saturday March 12th 2016. 

  After 20 years, we would like to thank all our customers who have shopped at Toy Fusion. We like to thank Tom Labrie (who passed away in 2014) who started "Toy Alley", a wonderful place for collectors,
and to what Toy Fusion has become is today.

Here is a very old commercial featuring Tom Labire and our location:

Posted on Feb 27th 2016:
What is next for Toy Fusion?
While we are considering a new storefront location in Sacramento,
we will be working closely with "Great Escape Games" ,
located at 1250 Howe Avenue.

Starting in April, Toy Fusion will be holding monthly Toy Shows
located inside the warehouse at Great Escape Games!


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for updates on our Toy Shows and events!

One of the largest collectible toy stores in Sacramento:

1908 El Camino Ave, Sacramento Ca. 95815.
Call our storefront number at (916) 565-2546 for more info.

"Its like going to a Toy Show everyday!"

Store Hours

Monday                    Closed
Tuesday                   12-6pm
Wednesday              12-6pm
Thursday                 12-6pm

Friday                       12-6pm
Saturday Feb 27th Closed
Sunday                     Closed

 Special thanks to Bethany Crouch and Fox-40 News
for featuring our Sacramento storefront!


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