found this semi-secret link!

If you are a fan of the movie "Idiocracy" then you know about Brawndo!

Toy Fusion will soon be carrying Brawndo products and
other official licensed merchandise from Mike Judges movie "Idiocracy"!


If you have not heard of the movie "Idiocracy", you should see it.

Click Here to read this New York Times Article about Brawndo!

Below is the DVD movie, go buy a copy if you can still find it:

DVD Movie: Rated R, (Action/Sci Fi/Comedy)

"To his everlasting credit, Mike Judge doesn't counsel despair.
Instead, he's telling thoughtful Americans that we can't expect
other people to solve our problems for us.
If you're alarmed by the callousness and the crassness of our culture,
which you certainly should be, do something about it.
Lead or follow. Getting out of the way is not an option."
~Reihan Salam

"Idiocracy takes the controversial topic of dysgenics
(the hypothetical evolutionary weakening of a population)
and explores its progress over the next 500 years.
The world is populated by morons who would
make Homer Simpson look like a Einstein."~ a quote from zerogirl42

  "You get it or you don't. The entire movie is about what's happening now,
not just in America as most of the world like to think.
It's what's happening in every nation and it affects us all.
There's a couple of different levels to it and if you don't understand what it says
just sit back and enjoy the fart jokes and crude humor." ~ a quote from

Below is the official movie trailer for "Idiocracy"

 Toy Fusion  is happy to be working with a company selling products
based off the movie "Idiocracy"



 Below is a crazy Brawndo Energy Drink commercial:


 If you would like to know more about the company that makes Brawndo,
click on the Image link below:















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