History of Toy Fusion



(the original Toy Fusion storefront in 2001)

How it started: Toy Fusion has always been a kind of business "for Collectors by Collectors". Back in the late 90's Tom Labrie (famous for his Night Comfort Theatre and waterbed business) created Toy Alley, the largest collectible store in Sacramento. In 2001 he decided to retire the Toy Alley business due to the slowing economy and high operational costs. Andrew (one of the first original dealers at Toy Alley) felt that Sacramento still needed a place to cater to the local collector community. Andrew worked with Tom and decided to take over the business and to reinvent its image. Around 2002 he found a new partner Gabe, and together created Toy Fusion. For 5 great years Toy Fusion became one of the coolest collectible stores in Sacramento, California. Toy Fusion started the famous "Free Parking Lot Toy Shows", and helped with local charities such as "Toys for Tots", "Boys and Girls Club" and "Loaves and Fishes". People from as far as Los Angeles, Chico and Oregon came to the shop because of word of mouth! 

(inside the Toy Fusion store from 2001-2006)



(One of many TV appearances at Toy Fusion)

(Toy Fusion's popular Free Toy Shows)

Big change in 2007. Like any business, we had ups and downs. By late 2006 Gabe had decided to move on  to another career and Andrew continued the business. In 2007 the lease was up and was not going to be renewed at the time, because another business had made an offer to the landlord for the entire building...(FYI: the other business bailed out of the deal 2 months after Toy Fusion had already moved). During that time Andrew was approached by one of his more recent vendors to work with him. They started a new business at another location. Andrew carried the "Toy Fusion" name to the second location. The business model was different as well as the recent partners involved. To make a long story short, the city ordinances in the area was a problem, the chemistry was not there, and it did not work out, even with the best intentions. 2007 was the worst year personally and financially After running Toy Fusion for 6 years and making alot of good friends along the way, it was time to take a needed break. By the end of 2007, the second storefront business turned out "very fustrating". Andrew felt "burnt out" and needed time off for a while (lightly reflective of Dave Chappelle when he was unhappy about the direction the show had taken). The Toy Fusion storefront had moved out of the second location by early 2008. The passion for the hobby is alive, enthusiasm for nostalgia will always be there. Toy Fusion is reinventing itself once again...


(Toy Fusions second location pictured above)

(Toy Fusion's sponsored displays at the California State Fair w/ Stage Nine: Toytopia 2007)



Bigger plans for 2008, ToyFusion has gone from storefront to an online business. We value all our local customers and friends over the years. Toy Fusion will be growing in the internet world. Revenue from this online business may be used to reopen another storefront, possibly at the same old location Toy Fusion started at in the beginning (On El Camino Ave, Sacramento, Ca). It may be sooner or later, but we are still in talks. Until then, Toy Fusion is working with many local dealers and collectors to build a community through this website. We want this to be a fun place to buy cool toys, be updated with toy related news, network with other collectors and to have a good time. Check back for more updates and cool surprises! ~Thank you

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