Hot Wheels Delorean to be released this December.

  Toy Fusion found this post on Facebook: DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) and Mattel, Inc. announced the Hot Wheels® die-cast DeLorean DMC-12 automobile which will be coming to major retailers nationwide this December.

While you wait for the Hot Wheels Delorean to be released,
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The closest thing to a stock DMC-12 that Hot Wheels made was back in the 80's, called the "Turismo". The car was intended to be a Delorean (with some changes due to licensing at the time). Pictured below:

Case assortment for new Batman Movie figures: NO JOKER

New Batman Movie Toys: Case assortment info and updates!

The new Batman Movie toys are scheduled to be released May 5th 2008. Retail sources (who have cases in the back, waiting to be released) have reported , out of 4 sealed cases, there is NO JOKER figure in any of the cases. Only ONE SCARECROW per case.

The new Hulk Movie figures have a release date of May 2nd.

Currently at Kaybee Toy Stores: All Speed Racer toys are "Buy 1, Get 1 50% off". Sale is valid from April 14 2008 through May 21st 2008.

Pictures from the upcoming Star Trek Movie!

Here are some early shots from the upcoming StarTrek movie (from Jfx):

Below is a shot of an actor wearing a Star Trek Starfleet Uniform.

Below is believed to be a shot of actor John Cho (Sulu).


New Transformers in 2008!


 New Transformers this Fall!

 Designed to introduce kids to the new world of Transformers: Animated, this two-pack includes OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON figures posed in battle-ready action stances with over-sized weapons. Also included is “The Battle Begins” DVD that allows kids to preview the new cartoon and become familiar with the expanded TRANSFORMERS fantasy. Shipping June 2008.

 Figures to be released this Fall of 2008:

New Galvatron, Onslaught and Blaster







New 25th Anniv. Gi Joes Wave 9

New Gi Joe 25th anniv. Wave 9

Case is to include one each of Hawk, Bazooka, Barbeque, Storm Shadow (Black), Snow Serpent, B.A.T., Sgt. Flash and Major Bludd. (Shipping in June)


New GI Joes!


Toy Fusion news and review: April 2008

Whats New in Stores!

Toys R Us has 2 new Gi Joe Exclusive figure sets: "The Cobra Night Watch" and "Snake Eyes Vs. Red Ninja Troopers". Should be available at TRU's this spring!

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