Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia vs WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho gets national attention on reports
Nov 8th 2008:

Our friend, Mr. Lobo has been working closely with on many projects (more about this at the end of the article). He hosts a nationally syndicated Sci-Fi/Horror show Cinema Insomnia  that has been seen in over 30 television markets. The shows tag line is "They're not bad movies, just misunderstood".

Mr. Lobo had been recently featured on on Thursday Nov. 6th 2009. The TMZ article featuring Mr. Lobo and wrestler Chris Jericho became a national news story within days. We felt it was newsworthy to share this report with fellow collectors and fans of (especially those into wrestling and horror).

The incident started during a Sacramento Horror Film Festival, when WWE Wrestling Superstar (and actor) Chris Jericho started a drunken rampage of verbal insults to the host of the event Mr Lobo (Jericho stars in the Horror Film "Albino Farm"). It was a real and akward situation. You can watch the original TMZ video below for the details.

 After the TMZ story, Mr. Lobo made a video response in which hosted on our ToyFusion YouTube account. was then first to report the official response on thier website. Mr. Lobo delivered his side of the story with showmanship. Within 48 hours of the video, we had over 13,000 hits on our account and was overwhelemd with e-mail "comments". Some posts were supportive, some were not. You can see the official video response from Mr. Lobo below:

Toy Fusion will follow with any further updates as needed. You can contact Mr. Lobo on the Cinema Insomnia website. Mr. Lobo is a gifted writer and actor with a great sense of humor, he is an entertainer to the very core. In our opinion, regarding the "Andy Kauffman"-style response video and viewer comments, "Its not bad comedy, just misunderstood"...
Article by Andrew of the way, if you have not seen Toy Fusion's "award winning" Gi Joe Fan Film hosted by Mr. Lobo, here it is:

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